Connect the Dots: Counting by Evens & Odds with a Real American Family - The Lahmann-Metcalfes

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30 Unique Connect the Dot Sheets aimed at kids in 2nd grade.

Pages get progressively harder, with the first page skip counting by evens 2-20 and the last page skip counting by odds from 1 to 119.

Spotlight on the Real American family, the Lahmann-Metcalfe Family, on the cover: “Our family is not much different from your family. We are raising our kids in the best way we can. We are involved in their lives, and deal with the same struggles as other parents.” Doug and Brian waited 25 years to get married. Same-sex marriage became legal in Pennsylvania in 2014. A year later, the couple celebrated with their two daughters, friends, and family in a joyous ceremony near their central Pennsylvania home.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review