Connect the Dots: Counting by Threes with a Real American Family - The Daniels-Jones'

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30 Unique Connect the Dot Sheets aimed at kids in grades 3 and up.

Pages get progressively harder, with the first page skip counting by threes 3 to 15 and the last page skip counting by threes 3 to 324.

Spotlight on the Real American family, the Daniel-Jones Family, on the cover: Carmen and her daughter Natalie know how to have fun. They love taking trips - like visiting the Grand Canyon, and swimming with dolphins! Friends gather at their house for lively family game nights. People laugh so hard. The sounds echo throughout their suburban home. Life isn’t all fun and games, as Carmen and 14-year-old Natalie well know. If life is a road, theirs has been a bumpy one. And that doesn’t even begin to describe it. Carmen was in a car accident when she was in college. She now uses a wheelchair. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review