You Can Teach Your Children Math! (Especially your daughters)

Posted by Angela McIver on Nov 16th 2018

I started Dinner Table Math as a way to empower parents to build strong confident math learners at home. After studying how children learn math (I got my PhD in this field), I've come to the conclusio … read more

Alphabet Math! Dinner Table Math Hacks

Posted by Angela McIver on Oct 14th 2018

Welcome to our Dinner Table Math Hacks youtube channel. Learn activities and strategies that you can do at home to build confident math learners at home.  … read more

Race to 21: Dinner Table Math Hacks!

Posted by Angela McIver on Oct 14th 2018

Here is our latest Dinner Table Math Hack! Play this game with your children at the dinner table and keep them guessing! The solution can be found in our Free Resource page. #KidsdoDinnerTableMat … read more