You Can Teach Your Children Math! (Especially your daughters)

Posted by Angela McIver on Nov 16th 2018

I started Dinner Table Math as a way to empower parents to build strong confident math learners at home. After studying how children learn math (I got my PhD in this field), I've come to the conclusion that the elementary school curriculum does not provide the necessary foundation for success in middle school math and beyond. 

When I interview successful math students (those who are prepared to take the most rigorous math courses in high school), I have found that most have either participated in after-school math programs or tutoring while in elementary school or, they had parents who spent time teaching them math at the dinner table (or in the car, or at bedtime, or while walking to school.....).

Recently, an article by Dr. Barbara Oakley in the New York Times, Make your daughter practice math. She'll thank you later validated my belief that parents are key to building strong math students - particularly girls. Dr. Oakley - an engineering professor- is the author of the book Learning  how to learn, and helps students learn to build the tenacity necessary for doing hard math. 

My goal is to empower every parent to support their children's math development in as little as 10 minutes a day.  

Check out our Dinner Table Math Hacks for fun ideas that can be implemented at the dinner table and believe in your power to succeed!